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How To Build Muscle To A Skinny Body


You are an ectomorph, one of somatotypes, if you have e.g. fast metabolism, lean muscle, long and thin limbs, small joints and narrow shoulders.
Do not copy programs from professional bodybuilders who are mesomorphs or endomorph persons. Instead use systems suitable just for your body type.

Tips For A Skinny Guy
You can gain weight easily over 40 pounds in a year if you eat excessive of food and are inactive, but all of these new pounds are fat and fluids. Muscle gain instead is usually a slow process. As a skinny guy you are a "hardgainer". You can gain muscle, but it takes efforts.

You have to train wisely. Concentrate on pressing, rowing and squatting exercises. It is better to do only a few of them, but with relatively heavy weights (6-10 reps) and proper form (continuous tension).
If you use a whole body workout (chest, back and legs in one workout), train every third day. When training other muscle groups, too, you can use a divide in two different workouts: pushing muscle groups: chest, shoulders, triceps, front thighs and calves / pulling muscle groups: back, biceps, hamstrings and core.
Train with those two different workouts every other day.
You have to rest between sets 1-3 minutes and keep durations of your workouts under 45 minutes. The progressive is very important - in other words, you have to increase the poundages, but not at the expense of proper lifting technique.

A. Protein
You need one gram protein per pound of your body weight and this every day. So, if you weight 160 pounds, eat 160 grams protein.You need protein as repair material for your muscles and other tissues, too. The best sources of protein are: eggs, chicken breast, fish, low fat red meat, dairy products and protein supplements.

B. Carbs
The carbs are energy sources for your muscles. So include to your diet at least: potatoes, rice, oats and vegetables.

C. Fats
Alternatives for snacking are nuts, seeds and other sources of good fats. You get those fats from e.g. salmon, olive oil, too. You need fats for your optimal hormone function and because of their fat soluble vitamins.

You have to sleep enough, because it is necessary to growth-hormone release. Aim at least eight hours per night. If possible, take a nap every day, too.

Remember: to drink two liter water per 100 pound body weight, to keep a positive and relaxed mind and that massages and other treatments improve your recovery.


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