Tired of Training with Unisex or Men's Programs?

It's High Time to Start Training like a Woman

If you are a woman, who wants to get more muscle mass, you can use basicly all the previous promoted programs. You do not need to do exercises for your traps and forearms.

Fitness-and-bodybuilding-workouts.com tells:

One of the most common myths is that women who do weight training will get bulky. This is not true.

Fact is women who weight train speed up their metabolism and burn more calories and get their muscles in shape and increase energy levels.

Women cannot get bulky as easily as men simply because they do not have testosterone (essential for building muscle) levels such as men.

Women who want to firm and tone their bodies have to do some weight training. Going on a diet alone will not tone your muscles.

These are excellent programs to firm and tone female bodies:

1. Full-Body-Licious by Flavia Del Monte

Click this

2. Female Fat Loss Over 40 by Shawna Kaminski

Click this

5. Gluteus to the Maximus by Nick Nilsson >>>

6. Get Lean Program by Belinda Benn >>>

7. Venus Factor by John Barban >>>

8. Lean & Lovely by Neghar Fonooni >>>

9. Workout Routines for Women >>>

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