Programs for Fat Loss

A. If you are an obese person (BMI 30 or greater), in other words you are shorter than normal but have at least 50 pounds or longer with at least 100 pounds of excess weight, the smartest thing is to visit:

- your doctor for diagnosing the state of your health. If you get permission to weight loss project, you can start it for example:

- visiting The Biggest Loser <<< Click this

B. If your BMI is smaller than 30 but you are overweight, I recommend these programs:

Lean Belly Breakthrough <<< Click this

Venus Factor <<< Click this

The 3 Week Diet <<< Click this

C. If you are a serious trainer with some flabby weight, maybe the best choises are:

See Your Abs

There is a SCIENCE to Losing Belly Bloat, Water Retention and Stubborn Abdominal Fat and Finally Getting Your Abs to Show.

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Female Fitness Programs

You find excellent fitness programs at Tired of Training with Unisex or Men's Programs and Female Fitness Advices.

Metabolic Surge by Nick Nilsson

To really make dramatic and permanent changes to your body, you have to KEEP your muscle mass while you’re losing fat, otherwise you’ll just end up a smaller version of yourself with no changes in composition. This Time-Volume Training technique is ideal for preserving muscle and strength while burning MASSIVE amounts of calories for fat loss.

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Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne

Turbulence training is a type of exercise that constitutes of short bursts of exercise for 20 minutes max. It is divided into two subcategories: the interval training and the strength training. Turbulence training is mainly used for weight loss.

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